Fetcher's Recruiter Spotlight Series – February 2020

Fetcher Recruiter Spotlight: Amy Rishko, Industrious

February 25, 2020

Amy Rishko, Industrious
Amy Rishko, Recruiter, Industrious

Core to our success here at Fetcher is our long-standing relationships with great recruiters. In our newest blog series, we’re excited to showcase recruiters’ talents as well as their own professional journeys. Each month we’ll highlight a top recruiter, giving everyone a peek into what makes each recruiter best-in-class.

Here we start out with Amy Rishko, who attributes the secrets of her success to lots of coffee and a positive “live in the moment” attitude. All of that aside, we knew there was more – read on to learn about what makes Amy a top recruiter.

Amy, tell us what led you to select recruiting as your career.

After performing in two musical theatre national tours, I came back to New York City. I ended up working for Baked by Melissa (every actor needs a job, right?!) and quickly fell in love with the company and culture. Melissa put so much time and dedication into this company; it really inspired me to start thinking about a full-time career where I could make equally as big an impact.

About two years later (after growing into a general manager role there), whenever a customer would come in and ask about job opportunities, I found myself talking more and more passionately about where they could see themselves in the company (obsessed much?!). When Baked by Melissa’s corporate office was looking for a Recruiting Assistant, I took the plunge to apply. Thankfully with my in-store experience I was promoted into their corporate HQ and the rest is history!

Your expertise is so diverse – from real estate to finance and more. How do you work with hiring managers to make sure their requirements are met?

Anytime I receive a job requisition, I always make sure to set up a kick off meeting with the hiring manager. This is important because you’re not only learning more about the role, process and what they’re looking for but you (as the recruiter) can be honest with hiring managers and the role. I’ve said several times to the hiring manager, “This is a role I’ve never recruited before; can you tell me two questions I HAVE to ask all candidates?” “Can I sit in your Product Design Team meetings so I can get more familiar with your business unit?” Hiring Managers WANT you to do that! It’s helped me in the long run learn much more about what their team is responsible for and what they are looking for from a hiring perspective.

You’re a top-tier LinkedIn Recruiter user – congratulations! Do you have any advice for candidates as they build their profiles on LinkedIn?

Thank you so much! I totally nerded out when I received the news. My three pieces of advice are:

  • Make sure your profile photo is professional but totally yourself (see mine as an example.)
  • When you have each of your jobs listed on your profile, be sure to list two or three responsibilities for each position. You’d be surprised how many folks just have their job title and nothing else (recruiters want to know what you did!).
  • Finally, you should have quick tidbit in your “about me” section. List your highlights, strengths, awards or even a fun fact. I love seeing people being themselves even on a professional platform like LinkedIn.
You’re also leveraging technology in your day-to-day recruiting. Tell us about your expectations from your tech infrastructure and the vendors behind it.

Like most organizations, we use systems and tools internally at our company like slack, gmail, gchat, drive, google cal and many more. Each component is a great way for our team to stay in touch with hiring managers but also candidates too.

Our ATS system is Greenhouse. It’s one that I’ve used in many of the companies I’ve worked for. Not only is it an easy system to use, it’s great to see the customer support behind it. We have a dedicated Customer Services Representative that is always on call when we need them to answer any questions we have. We also utilize a video interviewing platform called WePow (which is a new and very positive addition to our hiring process in 2020!). We utilize this platform for many of our field operations roles.

It’s a great way for us to help speed up our hiring process but it’s been awesome to technically meet almost all of our candidates “in person.”

Let’s talk about Fetcher. How did you learn about Fetcher and what’s your favorite feature?

Fetcher found us! Once we met with them, we knew it was a platform we needed to try! We have several “hard to fill roles” and the opportunity to have support on sourcing efforts was much needed.

My absolute favorite feature is the way I can nurture my emails that go out to candidates. I can schedule them to go out at a different time but each email can be crafted differently. You’d be surprised how many candidates respond to my last and final email and have said “You know what Amy? I’m giving in! Your last email got me!” It always puts a smile to my face!

Amy, you’re a recruiting rockstar and truly inspirational. Thanks for sharing your thought leadership with our readers – we know they’ll learn from your experiences.

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