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Fetcher brings the right candidates to you by combining AI with a human touch.

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Are you held back by the limits of manual sourcing? Fetcher's Outbound Recruiting Platform brings the right candidates to you by combining AI with a human touch

Here's how Fetcher works:

Our combination of AI with a human touch enables us to find the best candidates, wherever they might be. We learn from feedback to ensure we're targeting the right candidates.


Once your role is calibrated we draft thoughtful, personalized outreach messages and then automate your outreach. You can recruit while you sleep.


We set goals with you before we start and won't stop delivering qualified candidates until we succeed. Every time you make a hire with Fetcher, we send you and your team cookies to celebrate.

We bring the right candidates to you

We tackle the most tedious aspects of hiring so that you can focus on what you do best. Spend only 1 hour a month reviewing candidates on Fetcher vs 10+ hours manually sourcing.

We bring you the right candidates.

Customer Spotlight

"To me it's just a simple numbers game. Why wouldn't you want to have an external sourcer constantly working on you, 24/7, identifying good candidates? When we think about what it would cost to put people behind that, Fetcher is a total no brainer."

—Jono Millin, Co-founder, DroneDeploy

Fetcher's Candidate Profile
Candidate Profiles

Candidate Profiles are compiled from publically available data from websites like Linkedin, Github and more. Profiles are always up to date.

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Driving diversity to build better teams

Diverse teams outperform. Let Fetcher build you a robust pipeline of diverse talent at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional hiring methods.

Diversify your pipeline.

Customer Spotlight

"With Fetcher, we're able to broaden searches and see a more diverse set of profiles."

—Sue Choe, Chief People Officer, Petal

Drive up diversity

Did you know that 85% of "Passive Candidates" will never see your job post? Fetcher finds non-obvious candidates that may be the perfect fit.

Highest Quality Matches

Fetcher's technology paired with human curation ensures top quality candidates for even the most challenging roles

We bring you the right candidates

Customer Spotlight

"With job boards the signal to noise ratio is really low. It's all noise. Basically the applicants very rarely have even one of the requirements we put in the job description. Fetcher reverses that."

—Mary Lou Jepsen, CEO, Open Water

High quality matches

Design a better candidate experience

We give you back your time to focus on what really matters - building relationships with candidates.

An affordable hiring platform that delivers

Customer Spotlight

"I know a lot of us may not a have a full team of recruiters where we have the luxury of having a sourcing department. We utilize Fetcher because it's cost-effective and we get great results. It's a no brainer."

—Lillian Landrum, Director Talent Aquisition, The Muse

Better candidate experience
Email Automation

Email automation drastically reduces time-to-hire. Instead of sorting through candidate profiles, Fetcher delivers you a list of qualified people who are interested in your role.

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Premium service at a fraction of the cost

Fetcher has a 20x cost advantage over recruiting agencies and a 10x cost advantage over hiring additional in-house talent. Your dedicated Customer Success Manager is with you every step of the way to ensure you meet your hiring goals and have a wonderful experience working with Fetcher.

Stop searching, start connecting

Customer Spotlight

"I've been hiring and building teams for a few decades and traditionally you have two very different ends of the spectrum, an expensive recruiter or inexpensive, low yield channels. What I liked about Fetcher is it was an excellent combination or the best of both worlds of the two different approaches but a much more reasonable cost."

—Rob Bailey, Co-founder, MState

Custom email templates.
Premium Service

Fetcher's in-house team writes custom email templates that don't sound like spam. You can also write your own dynamic emails using our robust templates.

Trusted by over 500 teams and organizations

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What makes Fetcher so great for your company ?

Gmail Integration
Outlook Integration
Connect with candidates using your own email

Seamlessly integrate with Gmail and Outlook to receive higher response rates by providing a direct, personalized line of communication with your candidates.

Lever Integration
Greenhouse Integration
Smart Recruiters Integration
Easy integrations with the services you already use

Keep your team organized and in sync with easy integrations with most major Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS), Customer Relashionship Management (CRM) applications and apps like Slack.

Slack Integration
Collaborate with your team, your way

Easily add multiple team members to your account so recruiters and hiring managers can work together. Teams can also send profiles to public or private Slack channels.

Recruit while you sleep
Recruit while you sleep, literally

We offer automated candidate follow-ups and a fully automated outreach option so that you can recruit while you sleep.

Candidate's Background
See any candidate's background at a glance

We aggregate candidate information across the most valuable professional and social networks and create easy-to-read profiles that highlight the most relevant skills, experience, education and training.

Interested Candidates
Interested candidates in your inbox

Find qualified candidates that are interested in your open roles. When you monitor positions on Fetcher it is simple to understand who is interested.

Stop sourcing and start connecting. Let Fetcher bring the right candidates to you.

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