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Fetcher automates your repetitive, top-of-funnel tasks, so you can focus more on candidate engagement & team collaboration.

Here's how Fetcher works:

Rank & review live talent profiles, leverage data & industry expertise, build a pipeline of qualified candidates, drive diversity through broader candidate pools, & use our web extension to integrate your efforts.


Create personalized email sequences, send emails from anyone in your company, strategically automate emails to send anytime of day, build best-in-class templates, & receive interested candidate replies in your inbox.


Re-message and nurture top candidates, create silver medalist campaigns, spend more time on candidate engagement, grow a diverse top performing team, hire faster with automation, & hit your hiring goals every quarter.

Simplify Sourcing

Does sourcing sometimes feel like an endless Google search?
We get it.

Candidate information is aggregated from across the web, including professional & social networks, giving you up-to-date candidate profiles that are easy to assess in seconds. Get set up with Fetcher in just minutes, not days or weeks, so you can immediately boost your efforts.

Build pipelines of qualified, interested candidates, and amplify your current sourcing efforts, without needing more hours in the day.

We bring you the right candidates.

Customer Spotlight

"To me it's just a simple numbers game. Why wouldn't you want to have an external sourcer constantly working on you, 24/7, identifying good candidates? When we think about what it would cost to put people behind that, Fetcher is a total no brainer."

—Jono Millin, Co-founder, DroneDeploy

Fetcher's Candidate Profile
Candidate Profiles

Candidate Profiles are compiled from publicly available data across the Internet. Profiles are always up to date.

Optimize Outreach

Want to see more interested responses in your inbox?
We’re on it.

Reach & engage passive, qualified candidates with ease. Choose to send custom messages from yourself, the hiring manager, or your exec team, with outreach delivered directly to the candidate’s personal email. With automated follow ups & personalized templates, we’ve got you covered.

Email candidates’ personal emails, with the right messaging, at the right time … even while you’re out enjoying Happy Hour.

Custom email templates.
Premium Service

Fetcher's in-house team can help write custom email templates just for you. You can also write your own dynamic emails using our robust templates.

Hire Top Talent

Ready to win ‘top recruiting team of the year’?
Let’s make it happen!

Fetcher’s platform encourages collaboration and empowers teams to exceed their hiring goals. We’ll automate the top-of-funnel tasks to increase productivity and scale, allowing you to do what you do best – engage, nurture, and hire the right candidates for you.

With your expertise, and our platform, you’ll be hiring diverse, top talent faster than ever. Get set up in minutes, and start seeing results within days.

We bring you the right candidates

Customer Spotlight

"With job boards the signal to noise ratio is really low. It's all noise. Basically the applicants very rarely have even one of the requirements we put in the job description. Fetcher reverses that."

—Mary Lou Jepsen, CEO, Open Water

High quality matches

How can Fetcher help streamline your hiring processes?

Gmail Integration
Outlook Integration
Use your own email to connect with candidates

Seamlessly integrate with Gmail and Outlook to receive higher response rates by providing a direct, personalized line of communication.

Lever Integration
Greenhouse Integration
Smart Recruiters Integration
Integrate with the services you already use

Keep your team organized and in sync with easy integrations with most major ATS & CRM applications.

Slack Integration
Fetcher Collaboration
Collaborate with your team, your way

With unlimited users, all recruiters and hiring managers can work together seamlessly. Teams can send profiles to Slack channels, too.

Recruit while you sleep
Recruit while you sleep & wake up to interested candidates

After initial feedback, we’ll run on auto-pilot to find & message candidates for you. Interested candidates will land in your inbox each day.

Candidate's Background
See candidate profiles with just a glance

We aggregate candidate information across professional & social networks and create easy-to-read profiles that highlight relevant details.

Interested Candidates
Engage with interested candidates

Find qualified candidates who are interested in your open roles. You can easily view who is interested & keep them engaged.

Simplify Sourcing.
Optimize Outreach.
Hire Top Talent.

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