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Sit back, relax, and let Fetcher find the talent you want to hire with our outbound recruiting platform.

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How it works
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Tell Us Who You Need

Simply send us a job description for each of the positions you need to fill, and we'll get started.

Smart Looking Job Candidates
We Find Great People

Our sourcing technology and team of professional recruiters identifies highly relevant talent matching your needs.

Email Candidates
Easily Send Emails

Quickly message candidates with a single click using our pre-made, personalized email templates.

Fetcher combines artificial intelligence and human expertise to fill positions at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional recruiting tools.

"I tell all the recruiting leaders I know about Fetcher. On my own it takes hours to source 10 quality candidates -- with Fetcher it takes minutes. At startups where we all wear so many hats, Fetcher is a huge time saver."

Alexandra Parnass
Alexandra Parnass, Head of People at
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We Learn Who You Like To Find Who You Need

Fetcher Sample Searches
Enriched Biographical Information
Rich Candidate Profiles

We aggregate candidate information across the most valuable professional and social networks, and create easy-to-read profiles that highlight the most relevant skills, experience, education and training.

Email Leads Directly
Direct Email Communication

Emails sent via the Fetcher platform are routed directly from your inbox into the candidates’ inbox, providing a seamless communication channel and increased response rates. Responses go directly into your inbox.

Third Party Integrations
Integrations & Automation

Easy integration with Gmail, Outlook, major applicant tracking systems and Slack, to keep your teams organized. We also offer automated candidate follow-ups and a fully automated outreach option.

Candidate Search

Our search allows you to quickly find your profiles based on their name, current company, school, or any field in their profile.

Features for Team Collaboration

We make it easy to add multiple team members to your account so recruiters, and hiring managers can work together. Teams can also send profiles to public or private Slack channels.

Personalize outreach to candidates

We draft personalized outreach emails as well as follow up messages, ready for you to send to candidates.

“As a company, we have relied on Fetcher to help and ease the process of filling open roles. It's almost like having a full time recruiter on staff! They've helped us fill numerous roles and have overall been a wonderful service!”

Ryan Harwood
Ryan Harwood, CEO at Purewow
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Save countless hours by letting Fetcher find the best talent. Save thousands of dollars by contacting candidates directly without using a recruiter as an intermediary.

Trusted by over 400 organizations
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CIO Magazine
"When pipeline actually is the problem, Fetcher offers a solid fix."
CIO Magazine
Recruiting Tools
"Recruiters have so many different hats they need to wear, it can get overwhelming... Fetcher may be the answer to how to offload some of that stress and keep on rolling."
Recruiting Tools
"The system vastly reduces the time spent by recruiters and HR managers in finding candidates."

“In some cases, I’ve tripled my candidate pipeline since using Fetcher, and the platform has been especially helpful for some of our more challenging positions. Through direct contact with promising candidates, we can really build relationships and welcome them into the Eventbrite family.”

Lindsay Mason
Lindsay Mason, Recruiter at Eventbrite
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Fetcher Search
Candidates For Any Role

Our candidate database of over 175mm candidate profiles gives us the breadth to support any search. Our system learns more about your needs over time to improve quality of fit. To ensure we're on the right track, we notify you when new candidates are available for your review, and send gentle coaching throughout the recruiting process to help you get to a hire.

Fetcher Candidate Relationship Management (CRM)
Outreach Emails That Work

Personalized emails are sent directly to candidates from the hiring manager or HR team, greatly improving the likelihood of a connection. Candidate responses go directly into your inbox. We work with clients to write email templates that convert, and offer automated effective follow-ups that greatly increase response rates.

Fetcher Slack Integration
Slack and Applicant Tracking System (ATS) Integrations

We built a Slack integration to fit into your team's collaborative workflow. Anyone on your team can view, contact, and send feedback on candidates directly in Slack. We also provide ATS integrations to ensure ease of use.

Fetcher Talent Network

A simple, private way to find your next job opportunity. We match you to relevant roles and companies contact you directly.

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