Fetcher Launches New CRM Features & Product Updates

Check out the new features just released on Fetcher this week!

July 15, 2021


It’s been a busy summer at Fetcher! This week, we’re excited to announce the biggest product update to Fetcher since its launch. These new features and improvements give recruiters and hiring teams more oversight and autonomy over their recruiting funnel and candidate pool.

“This product update builds on Fetcher’s powerful sourcing and outreach capabilities and moves us towards becoming a robust CRM for top-of-funnel hiring,” says Co-Founder and CEO, Andres Blank.

Many of these improvements were made as a result of feedback from clients; we appreciate their partnership and hope that we can continue to work together toward your hiring goals.

Check out what’s new below!

NEW: Profile Directories


The new profile directory allows you to view all candidates they’ve sourced through Fetcher. That includes candidates that have been sourced by the platform’s AI and through one-click web sourcing with Fetcher’s Chrome Extension.

The directory’s filter functionality makes it simple to filter through candidate profiles by keyword, skill, location, company, experience, and specific searches that candidates are already in. Tied into these new filtering capabilities are the new email campaigns, which we’ll discuss more below!

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NEW: Email Campaigns


Using filters in the Directory, you can now connect with any candidates in your database at any time. This campaign feature is an addition to the outreach email sequences that were already available in Fetcher.

After specifying which candidates to reach, you’ll have the ability to create and schedule up to six emails at intervals you choose. As with outreach emails, Fetcher compiles open, click, and response data to help track campaign performance. Email campaigns can also be held or closed at any time, giving you more flexibility with the timing of your communications.

More Flexible Email Options


You determine how many emails are included in your automated outreach series. Both search email sequences and campaign sequences will now include between one and six emails.

Improved Profile Design


Scanning profile cards and full profiles is easier than ever. From the Directory, understand a candidate’s complete history with your company in their full profile.

User-Friendly Design Updates


We’ve made design improvements to make navigating Fetcher and understanding your next steps more intuitive. Most notably, we’ve made the funnel with campaign stats at the top of the Dashboard and each search dynamic for easier navigation.

The Fetcher team is consistently working to make the easiest, most efficient, and most loved recruiting platform. If you’d like to learn more about Fetcher and how we can help you hire top talent faster, request a demo today!

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