Leveraging Recruiting Technology to Optimize High-Volume Hiring

Devo overcomes the hiring challenges of rapid growth

June 3, 2021

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Hiring always comes with its own set of challenges, whether it be not enough time, not enough resources, or not enough interested candidates. With high-volume hiring, an organization is striving to fill a large number of roles in a relatively short period of time. The standard challenges that come with recruiting and hiring are almost always amplified for teams that are growing quickly.

How can high-growth organizations overcome these challenges, and ensure that their talent acquisition funnel doesn’t hit major bottlenecks?

For both small and large organizations, technology is key. In fact, 94% of recruiters and hiring professionals say that using recruitment software has positively impacted their hiring process, according to G2. In addition, 68% of recruiting professionals say that the best way to improve recruiting performance over the next five years is by investing in new recruiting technology now.

Below, we take a look at the major challenges of high-volume hiring with real-life examples from one of our clients, and how recruiting technology has helped them grow.

Challenge #1: Scaling Sourcing & Recruiting Teams is hard.

It’s difficult and expensive for high-growth organizations to scale their sourcing and recruiting teams. For instance, one of Fetcher’s clients, Devo, wanted to expand their team 5X in just 18 months, without spending a lot of time and money hiring multiple full-desk recruiters.

Solution: Recruiting automation alleviates the need for companies like Devo to bring on multiple full-stack recruiters to meet their hiring needs. This means teams can invest more time and resources further down the hiring funnel to improve candidate engagement or develop a stellar interview process.

Plus, automation allows teams to source multiple candidates at once. It’s as simple as uploading a job description, or updating a few fields, and then letting the qualified, interested candidates hit your inbox.

Challenge #2: Talent pools seem to dry up quickly.

High-volume hiring requires an organization to have a constant, steady flow of qualified candidates.

Solution: A recruiting automation platform with AI, like Fetcher, is continuously learning and honing search results. Unlike a standard database, results are served in batches, which minimizes the hours potentially spent sifting through candidates upfront. By providing quick feedback on each candidate, you’re helping the platform better understand what to prioritize for your next rounds of candidates.

If a recruiter gets to the point of exhausting all candidates based on their initial results, Fetcher alerts them to consider expanding or editing their search.

“One of the things I think Fetcher does really well is it provides a methodology and process to sourcing, which is one of the last areas of recruiting that doesn’t have a good methodology in place.” Mike Smart, Devo’s Global Talent Acquisition Leader

Challenge #3: Outreach and talent follow-up is time-consuming.

Consistent communication that feels personalized can be tricky, and often not a high priority for a busy, growing organization. However, it’s key to successful hiring!

Solution: Today’s top recruiting platforms allow you to create a series of automated outreach emails to engage with talent. With Fetcher, you can add a candidate to this series with just one click, and then easily track whether they’ve responded or not from their profile. With consistent communication via Fetcher’s automated outreach portal, Devo was able to double their response and interest rates from the start.

Separate response templates are just as easy to send, too! Fetcher automatically tracks interested responses for you, based on cues in candidates’ email responses, making follow ups a breeze.

When considering which recruiting technology to use for high-volume hiring, you’ll want to ensure that it’s a platform that:
  • Can source for multiple candidates at once
  • Keeps a steady flow of qualified candidates in front of you
  • Allows for customized search preferences, so you know you are still being shown candidates who are a good fit for each role
  • Streamlines outreach to candidates and tracks responses

Don’t let your hiring practices slow your organization’s potential for growth! Leveraging technology can help you automate the repetitive tasks at the top of the funnel, so you can engage with top talent without putting everything else on hold.

Schedule a free demo with the Fetcher team today to learn more about leveraging our recruiting technology to reach your hiring goals.

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