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How SQLI Digital Experience optimized its hiring workflow

How SQLI Digital Experience optimized its hiring workflow

Netherlands-based digital agency, SQLI Digital Experience used Fetcher’s recruiting automation platform to grow its multi-national team quickly and efficiently.

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TL;DR: Fetcher played a pivotal role in optimizing SQLI Digital Experience's hiring workflow, resulting in significant achievements and reinforcing the potential of technology in recruitment processes.


The challenge

The solution

The result


Embracing recruiting software to optimize hiring workflow

When SQLI Digital Experience’s Head of People, Leen Van Puyvelde, and Talent Manager, Frederik Pijls, were initially referred to Fetcher, they were skeptical.

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Frederik assumed it’d be a tool they might use for a few weeks but not a long-term solution for their recruiting goals. However, after seeing Fetcher’s demo, they were thrilled with the platform’s capabilities, and since then, it’s become a long-term solution to improving their hiring workflow.

The challenge

Hiring manager motivation

One of the critical issues SQLI Digital Experience faced was the need for more involvement from hiring managers in the hiring process. This lack of engagement hindered personalized candidate outreach, impacting the quality of hires.

Hiring manager engagement

Time constraints proved a significant obstacle, preventing hiring managers from dedicating ample time to candidate outreach. Consequently, response rates dwindled, and the hiring process became protracted.

Lack of pipeline

SQLI Digital Experience struggled to maintain a consistent pipeline of candidates for open positions. The unpredictable flow of talent led to extended hiring timelines and restricted options when selecting qualified candidates.

The solution

Providing the necessary motivation

Fetcher’s platform facilitated collaborative efforts between the recruiting team and hiring managers from the outset. Together, they crafted search criteria and devised automated email outreach sequences tailored to each role. This collaborative approach empowered hiring managers to engage with candidates, rekindling their motivation actively.

Getting hiring managers involved

Fetcher’s platform streamlined the process of creating personalized, automated email outreach series for each role. These outreach efforts originated from the hiring managers’ emails, resulting in significantly improved response rates. SQLI Digital Experience reached out to over 1,000 candidates, achieving an impressive 31% response rate and 29% interest rate.

Ensuring a steady candidate pipeline

With Fetcher, SQLI Digital Experience found a solution that continually adapted to their preferences. It sent candidates in batches, ensuring a steady influx of talent. This newfound consistency in candidate flow provided more significant control over the recruitment pipeline and expanded the array of qualified candidates.

The result

New recruitment process - remarkable outcomes

Fetcher motivated the hiring manager team and actively engaged them in the recruitment process, fostering a sense of empowerment. With a 31% response rate and a 29% interest rate from candidates, SQLI Digital Experience’s outreach efforts proved highly effective.

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The platform facilitated the swift hiring of qualified candidates within a short timeframe, including two managing directors who filled critical positions in just three months. Fetcher’s AI-powered talent sourcing software ensured a constant and robust candidate pipeline, granting greater flexibility and choice in selecting qualified candidates.

Overall, Fetcher played a pivotal role in optimizing SQLI Digital Experience’s hiring workflow, resulting in significant achievements and reinforcing the potential of technology in recruitment processes.



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