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Fetcher combines search precision, workflow solutions, and comprehensive customer support to create a faster, more budget-friendly hiring solution than other recruiting solutions.
 AgenciesOther AI Tools Fetcher
Approximate time to source and email 100 candidatesN/A10 hours1 hour
Automated email outreach 🚫
Integration with ATS 🚫
Use past searches to guide future search results 🚫
Ability to leave qualitative feedback on a profile (e.g., avoid candidates from agencies) 🚫
No need to write booleans 🚫
In-depth company intelligence (e.g., source from private equity-backed, pharma companies)🚫🚫
Data that empowers your recruiters (e.g. Contact 125 iOS Developers in NY for 90% chance to hire)🚫🚫
Long-term relationship with candidate via CRM capabilities🚫🚫
Professional recruiters + AI to ensure maximum candidate quality🚫🚫
Learning algorithms that improve candidate quality🚫🚫
Metrics & best practices to maximize email conversion🚫🚫
Unearth skillset patterns in existing employee base to identify strong potential candidates🚫🚫
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